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Textile chemical supplier in Bangladesh
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Textile chemical supplier in Bangladesh
Now, Bangladesh is emerging very fast as one of the major textile products exporting countries. So, the demand for textile chemicals in the country is growing in recent years. Dyes and Auxiliaries are very essential chemicals for textile factories. Quality is very important for textile chemicals. Because it has a vast effect on production. It is also an important duty to maintain the quality of a textile chemical supplier in Bangladesh. Are you looking for a good textile chemical supplier? Yes, many people supply textile chemicals. However, some people are not able to supply quality products in due time. But, there are many textile chemical suppliers working with a good reputation. They maintain the quality of their products. In this case, the new entrepreneurs are doing very well. They try their best to maintain the quality of the product. Since the production of chemicals in this country is very low, we are importing chemicals to meet our local demand. So you also need to know the information of the best textile chemical supplier in Bangladesh for your own factory.

How does a textile chemical supplier in Bangladesh work?

Selling Stock Lot

There are some big textile chemicals importers in Bangladesh. They have a large volume of stock lots. They sell chemicals to different factories.


Some companies are taking indent from textile factories. Then they open LC and import chemicals for textile factories.

3 Different types of chemicals for textile factories in Bangladesh?

The textile factories use many types of chemicals. Presently some chemicals are available from local manufacturers. But most of them are not available in local manufacturers. So they need to import from China, India, the USA, and other European countries. There are different types of usage of chemicals for different stages in the manufacturing of cloths.  Accordingly, we have made 3 different categories of chemicals. These are Basic Chemicals, Dyes Chemicals, and Auxiliaries Chemicals. Let's have a look at these three categories.

Basic Chemicals

Soda (Sodium carbonate decahydrate or Na2CO3·10H2O ), Caustic Soda (NaOH), Chlorine (Cl2), Salt, Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP), Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), etc. belong to basic chemicals.

Auxiliaries Chemicals

Detergent, polyamide softeners, silicon softeners, wetting agent, sequestering, agent, anti-back staining agents belong to this category.

Dyes Chemicals

Textile dyes and textile pigments are essential dyes chemicals for textile factories.

From which countries do we supply chemicals?

We are working with various types of chemicals for various purposes. So, we have to source those chemicals from different countries. As per our client's requirement, we provide different chemicals from different countries. But most of the chemicals come from China, Italy, and Germany.

Who do we work with?

Are you a chemical exporter? If you want to sell your chemical in Bangladesh, then we are the right team for you. We want to work with you as an agent of your company in Bangladesh. Our sales and marketing team will work for you to sell your chemicals in bulk volume.

Why do you choose us as a chemical supplier in Bangladesh?

Since the beginning, we are always keeping in mind our customer satisfaction. So we are trying to maintain the quality. We also know, it will not be easy for us to be the leader of the market. Because the chemical market of Bangladesh is very small and very much competitive. But we will do our level best to be the leader in the chemical market. So we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

What chemicals are we supplying?

Currently, we are working on Auxiliaries Chemicals. Because we have some experts on auxiliaries. We are supplying these products to our clients from different European countries. So we take 2 to 3 months to make delivery. Here is a short detail about our products.

Auxiliaries Chemicals


PREPARAZIONE is an Italian word, that means preparation. It is useful for pretreatment. The following chemicals are from Italy that we are supplying.
Dexofin CTR (Wetting/Scouring Agent)
It is a very stable chemical. Because it is also stable even at high concentrations of caustic soda. It has excellent solvent action and protects the formation of foam at any level of pH. Dexofin CTR is suitable as part of the preparation of textiles of all kinds for dyeing and final fixation.
Stabisol SBC ( Oxygen Peroxyde Stabilizer)
Chelasol fe 200 ( Iron Sequestring Agent )
Chelasol ED ( Sequestring Agent ca+mg )


Dexofin CTR (Wetting/Scouring Agent)
Achilan KA ( Direct Dyes Equalizer)
Protecal 300 ( Mixing, Sequestering, levelling Agent )
Achimol PV( Leveling,Sequestering, anticreasing )
Prodotto AR ( Anti-Retuction Agent )
Alcalube ( Alkali Giver for Reactive Dyes)


Dispertex DEN ( Anti- Back staing for Indigo. Keeps with parts reserved)
Solfapon IRA ( Reactive Dyeing after-Treatment Agent)


Soft AMQ (Cationic Softener )
Achilamina FR ( Non-ionic Softener )
Chimolube 84P ( Garment apply Cationic Softener )
Microsil AS ( Silicon Micro Emulsion )
Microsil GM ( Very Soft Silicon Micro Emulsion)
Chimofix VV ( Fissreactive and Direct Dyes Fixing Agent)
Stone HPL conc (Singeing Enzime)
Antischiuma BM (Silicon Defoamer Stable till a 135 °C)

Sample test of chemicals

  At first, we provide you samples to test at your lab. Once the samples passed successfully, then we provide you a price of our products with terms and conditions. textile chemical supply in Bangladesh

Chemical Supplier Info

SS Trading Corporation
Nikunjo, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229 Ph:+8801727152157

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