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Hydrogen Peroxide supplier in Bangladesh
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Hydrogen Peroxide supplier in Bangladesh
Whether you have an immediate need, or are seeking long-term supply relationships, Overseas Trading wants to be your chemical supplier partner. We are trying to served the industry with the best chemical of the world. Let us help you make good things happen by putting our experience to work for you. We hope we shall be your best Hydrogen Peroxide supplier in Bangladesh. The price and quality of our basic chemical in Bangladesh are affordable and flexible for the users. We are able to supply Hydrogen Peroxide at extremely low prices - this is because we import it ourselves.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound. The formula of this compound is  H2O2. It is a water with extra Oxygen xygen molecule. The boiling point of Hydrogen Peroxide is higher than water. And it is 150.2 °C. Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile chemical. And it is a common ingredient in many bleaches, dyes, cleansers, antiseptics, and disinfectants. It is an antiseptic liquid and has many potential uses also. But it becomes dangerous if people use it in wrong method.

Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has various applications like pulp & paper slurries, bleaching, iron and steel pickling, manufacture of detergents, etc. So, it is an important chemicals in printing and dyeing industries.

Health Uses

Treatment of swollen gums

Mouth Wash

It is usable for rinse your mouth. At first mix it with equal amount of water. Then swish in the mouth for 1 minute ad spit out. Follow the procedure 4 times daily.

Wound cleansing

Hydrogen Peroxide kills germs. So there are some uses for making wound cleaning solution.

Industrial Uses


Overseas Trading is a chemical importer and supplier in Bangladesh. If you need Hydrogen Peroxide supplier in Bangladesh then please contact us. We also supply Acetic Acid and Stable Bleaching Powder.    

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