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Handicraft export from Bangladesh
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Handicraft export from Bangladesh
Among the South Asian countries, the handicrafts of Bangladesh have been famous since ancient times. So, Bangladesh is a good source of Handicrafts. There are huge business opportunities to buy handicrafts from Bangladesh and sell them abroad. Because there are so many potential artists and low-cost labors here, who are working with making handicrafts. But handicraft export from Bangladesh is not so easy for the local entrepreneurs. Lack of proper training and education on international business, the entrepreneurs are facing so many problems to export handicrafts from Bangladesh. So we Overseas Trading trying to promote our handicrafts in the international market. The handicraft industry in Bangladesh is concentrated in rural areas, where many artisans have been practicing their craft for generations. These artisans have acquired their skills through apprenticeships and have passed them down from generation to generation. This has helped to preserve the traditional techniques used in handicraft production in Bangladesh

The best handicrafts in Bangladesh

Overseas Trading always tries to collect the best handicrafts in Bangladesh. You will find many types of items from us including jute products, leather items, cloth items, clay products, and wooden items. We hope you will be happy to see our collection of handicrafts. It is also possible for us to develop any new product as per your sample and requirement. Though we cannot display all our samples in this small range, so we would be happy if you contact us directly. Handicrafts from Bangladesh are made from a variety of materials such as jute, bamboo, cane, clay, wood, and leather. These materials are widely available in the country, and artisans have been using them for centuries to create beautiful and unique products. The handicraft industry in Bangladesh has a long tradition of producing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The handicraft industry in Bangladesh has been growing rapidly in recent years, and exports of handicraft products have increased significantly. The government of Bangladesh has also taken steps to promote the handicraft industry in the country. The government has set up several handicraft centers and has provided training and support to artisans to help them improve their skills and expand their businesses.

Wooden handicraft export from Bangladesh

Wooden handicraft in Bangladesh   Among the various handicrafts, one of the most popular handicrafts is wooden handicrafts. The wooden handicraft products from Bangladesh are highly prized. The country has a rich tradition of wood carving, and artisans in Bangladesh produce a wide range of wooden handicraft products such as furniture, decorative items, and toys. Wooden handicraft products from Bangladesh are known for their intricate designs and high quality. The only reason is, there are many skilled artisans in this country who work hard to create such beautiful and intricately designed handicrafts. The artists through their creative artwork in different ways bring out the history and tradition of this country. So, there is a great demand for wooden handicrafts from Bangladesh in the international market. If you have any plans to import wooden handicrafts from Bangladesh, then we are ready to help you. It is our duty to show you the different types of beautiful wooden products which are available in Bangladesh. .

Handicrafts and jute products in Bangladesh

Jute Handicraft Products One of the most popular handicraft products from Bangladesh is jute products. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of jute in the world, and the country has a long tradition of making products from this versatile fiber. Jute products from Bangladesh are highly sought after in international markets, and the country is a major exporter of jute products such as bags, rugs, and mats Once upon a time, jute was the only main export product of Bangladesh. So from that time we say, jute is our golden fiber. The artisans of our country make various kinds of handicrafts from this jute. Jute bags are very popular these days. We also get ropes, mats, and carpets from jute. Besides, the artisans here also make various types of handicrafts with jute.

Pottery and other clay products

Pottery and clay products Pottery is very popular among the people of this country. At one time people used pottery for everything from cooking rice to eating rice, as a water vessel. The potters of Bangladesh are very creative and skilled. For ages, they have been making pottery of many beautiful designs. The heritage and history of this country have emerged in their creative works. This pottery is becoming very popular among buyers from different countries of the world. They are showing a lot of interest in these products. So its export is also increasing day by day. We hope that one day our pottery industry will be able to establish a strong position in the global market.

Leather Products

Leather is a durable and long-lasting material. Hence handmade leather products are also very long-lasting. As Bangladesh is a good source of leather and leather products. So leather products are very cheap here. But international buyers consider handmade leather products as luxury products.

Ceramics Products

Another popular handicraft product from Bangladesh is ceramics. Bangladesh has a long tradition of making ceramics, and the country produces a wide range of ceramics products such as bowls, plates, cups, and vases. Ceramics products from Bangladesh are known for their unique designs and high quality. In conclusion, handicraft exports from Bangladesh have become an important source of income for the country. The handicraft industry in Bangladesh has a long tradition of producing unique and high-quality products, and the government of Bangladesh has taken steps to promote the industry and support the artisans. Handicraft products from Bangladesh are highly sought after in international markets, and the country has the potential to become a major player in the global handicraft industry. Find us on Facebook. Whatsapp: +8801727152157  

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